AnVRopomotron Update Notes

January 20th, 2020

1.0.3 (next)

  • Next model: Megaladapis (koala lemur)
  • Updated A-Frame to 1.0.4
  • Added teleport movement with VR controller buttons thanks to Fernando Serrano’s component and Takashi Yoshinaga’s button-reading Javascript. Fun fact, the color of the teleport effect and the info orbs is “Keeley orange.”
  • Custom wall instructions by device: allows for larger text more visible from starting position
  • Grab Lab tables also rise for desktop browser
  • Redid textures for all scale models. Use of the UVPackmaster2 Blender add-on and a way to make models unlit with node setup (i.e. not affected by room light) improved model appearance and reduced file sizes. The centerpiece went from ~10 to ~4 MB since the new method allowed a smaller texture file to have equal quality as before. The drop in size means that it loads more quickly instead of popping in place after everything else is there. I passed the file size savings to the rhesus monkey and orangutan, which I bumped up the texture size to reduce jaggies.
  • The gorilla is now colored correctly as an eastern lowland gorilla instead of a western lowland gorilla.
  • Mouse lemur has a new perch that matches the branches and vines motif of other models.
  • Orangutan model got a few new belly polygons to be slightly less boxy.
  • Notharctus now has grooming claws on the second toe of each foot.
  • Perimeter walls are also now using fake light technology (flat shading) to simulate different levels of shading without needing light calculations.
  • Scale Model Hall modern primate info buttons now also put Creative Commons photographs of the species on the wall. A 200k jpeg looks amazing blown up in VR!
  • Credits behind centerpiece now act as pages flippable by touching the nearby orb.

1.0.2 (01/29/20)

  • Added howler monkey model to Scale Model Hall.
  • Expanded Scale Model Hall space so you can walk around most models.
  • Moved gorilla+mouse lemur and rhesus monkey models behind Height Chart.
  • Fixed bug where reloading site on smartphones would ballistically launch objects as the tables are raised. The solution was to have the table rise with a slow animation instead of instantaneously jump into place, which you can see if you look to the right from the start.
  • Kept working on touchy controls. Limiting GrabStart- and GrabEndButtons in the Super Hands schema the same way I did in 1.0.1 for the objects seems to make all controls require a full press as intended. I don’t know what I just wrote either.

1.0.1 (1/14/20)

  • Removed triggerstart and pistolstart as ways to grab objects, and triggerend and pistolend as ways to release objects. This means that it will take a full button press or grip to activate objects.
  • Added instruction on Grab Lab wall to grab with one button at a time.
  • Added version number under big name text.

1.0.0 (1/13/20)

  • Public release. Hooray!



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