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Updated December 8, 2015

Keith Chan

chekeichan (at) gmail (dot) com


Areas of Interest

Bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology, Peruvian prehistory and contact, disease, pedagogy, statistics, anthropometry




Ph.D. (Anthropology – Bioarchaeology)

University of Missouri, Columbia

Dissertation Title: Life in the Late Intermediate Period at Armatambo, Perú (pdf)

Advisers: Robert A. Benfer and Deborah M. Pearsall


M.A. (Anthropology)

University of Missouri, Columbia

Thesis Title: An Examination of Harris Lines and Femoral Diaphyseal Bending Rigidity Using Bootstrapping

Adviser: Robert A. Benfer


B.A. (Anthropology)

University of California, Berkeley


Awards and Associations


Life Sciences Fellow at the University of Missouri, Columbia. This four-year fellowship provides its fellows with preparation for earning a doctorate and stresses interaction, networking, and ethical scientific research


Society for American Archaeology


Sigma Xi


American Association of Physical Anthropology


Teaching and Employment


Adjunct Faculty Instructor, Grossmont College. Teaching introductory anthropology courses both online and on campus. Classes include cultural anthropology on campus and introduction to physical anthropology online. Responsibilities include designing and implementing the curriculum for each medium.


Online Associate Faculty Instructor, Ashford University. Teaching online asynchronous undergraduate cultural anthropology courses, including frequent interaction with students on discussion boards, explanation of anthropological concepts, as well as all course grading.


Research Specialist. Sinclair School of Nursing, University of Missouri. Working on a team with other researchers on large-scale NIH and AHA-funded meta-analysis projects. Tasks include conducting extensive literature searches and evaluations, coding of data to a standard format, writing data-handling macros for Microsoft Excel, data cleaning, and co-authoring research papers for peer-reviewed journals.


Co-Director. Anthropological Radiography Group Field School. Co-taught ten students from various radiology programs of the United States the methods and theory of bioarchaeology while working on a skeletal collection in Lima, Perú.


Scoring Team Leader. Assessment Resource Center. Worked with two other team leaders to manage a team of approximately 30 scorers of a standardized test. Duties included quality control to ensure consistency of assigned scores, and working one-on-one with scorers who were lagging in accuracy or productivity.


Co-Teacher. Missouri River Regional Library. Introduced teens to the concept and production of “comic jams,” a form of collaborative comic art.


Scoring Team Leader. Assessment Resource Center. Manage a team of approximately 10 scorers of a standardized test. Duties included quality control to ensure consistency of assigned scores, and working one-on-one with scorers who were low in accuracy or productivity.


Co-Teacher. Bioarchaeological field school in Lima,  Peru via the University of Missouri, Columbia. Co-taught four students from the United States and one from Peru the methodology of skeletal identification and data collection. Duties include assisting in identifying and collecting skeletal data, helping students adjust to Peruvian culture, and managing interpersonal conflicts.


Volunteer Teaching Assistant. Monkeys, Apes and Humans class, University of Missouri, Columbia. Acted as teaching assistant in undergraduate class. Duties include grading exams and assignments, proctoring the final exam unassisted, and two guest lectures.


Volunteer Teaching Assistant. Human Skeletal Identification class, University of Missouri, Columbia. Co-taught a class on human osteology. Duties include answering questions regarding the identification and function of human bones during the lab portion and leading review sessions.


Guest lecture series. Introduction to Physical Anthropology class, University of Missouri, Columbia. Gave three lectures covering classification and behavior of primates for a class of approximately eighty students.


Volunteer Teaching Assistant. Human Skeletal Identification class, University of Missouri, Columbia. A guest lecture is given on my thesis research.


Library Research Assistant.  Anthropology library, University of Missouri, Columbia. Duties include maintaining the collection of publications in the anthropology library’s collection, managing a crew of student volunteers and holding a biannual book sale.


Publications and Presentations

In press

Conn, V., Enriquez, M., Ruppar, T., Cooper, P. & Chan, K. (In press). Health care provider targeted interventions to improve medication adherence: systematic review and meta-analysis. International Journal of Clinical Practice.


Conn, V., Ruppar, T., & Chan, K. (Submitted). Meta-analyses of theory use in medication adherence intervention studies. Health Education Research.


Conn, V., Enriquez, M., Ruppar, T., & Chan, K. (2014). Cultural relevance in medication adherence interventions with underrepresented adults: systematic review and meta-analysis of outcomes. Preventive Medicine, 69, 239-47.


Conn, V. S., Chan, K. C., & Cooper, P. S. (2014). The problem with p. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 36(3), 291-3.


Conn, V., Chan, K., Banks, J., Ruppar, T., & Scharff, J. (2013). Cultural relevance of physical activity intervention research with underrepresented populations. The International Quarterly of Community Health Education, 34(4), 391-414.


Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archaeologists. A paper based on my doctoral research was presented, titled “Life in a Prehistoric State at Armatambo: Lurín Valley, Perú,” (slideshare).


Annual Midwest Conference on Andean and Amazonian Archaeology and Ethnohistory. A paper based on my doctoral research was presented, titled “Health and Labor at Armatambo, Perú: How Bioarchaeology Contributes to the Study of Social Complexity,” (slideshare).


Curso Taller: Arqueometría y Bioarqueología en el Perú. Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. Created and delivered a presentation in Spanish. The talk focused on current work on the Armatambo skeletal collection curated by the Museo Nacional de Arqueología, Antropología e Historia del Peru. Download (2.5MB, PowerPoint)


Photography of Buena Vista site was featured in Mosaics, the annual magazine of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Download (4.4MB, pdf)


Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. A paper based on collaboration with Kathy Forgey from the University of Illinois-Chicago titled “A Possible Sacrificee for the Temple of the Fox at Buena Vista Perú” was presented at this conference.


Life Sciences Week Poster Session. A poster based on the thesis work of Rebecca Bergfield from the University of Missouri-Columbia titled “Trace Element Analysis of Ancient Hair from Three Archaeological Sites in Peru” was presented at this event. Download (632KB, JPEG)


Life Sciences Week Poster Session. A poster based on thesis research titled “Harris Lines and Cross Sectional Geometry at the Site of Paloma, Peru” was presented at this event. The author fielded questions for four hours over the course of a single day. Download (480KB, JPEG)


Fieldwork and Laboratory Research


Skeletal data collection. Museo Nacional de Arqueología, Antropología, e Historia del Peru. Supervised the Anthropological Radiography Group as they radiographed the skeletal collection from Armatambo from the 2007 data collection period. Tasks include choosing burials to investigate, and ensuring quality control over the radiography process.


Skeletal data collection. Museo Nacional de Arqueología, Antropología, e Historia del Peru. Collected data from skeletal remains from the Incan period site of Armatambo. Tasks include thorough examination of skeletons for indicators of sex, age, and disease processes, in addition to improving existing data collection forms.


Archaeological excavation at Buena Vista, Peru.  University of Missouri, Columbia.  Expanded tasks from the previous field season include the education of a new crew of field students, acting as crew chief for a unit, and helping the students acculturate to Peruvian culture.


Archaeological excavation at Buena Vista, Peru.  University of Missouri, Columbia.  Tasks include the preparation and excavation of units, collecting and organizing artifacts, and the production of plans, profiles, and artifact drawings.


Forensics investigation.  University of Missouri, Columbia.  The laboratory’s standard procedure was followed to completion on a local forensics case.


Archaeological laboratory analysis. University of Missouri, Columbia.  Artifacts from the Museum Support Center were sorted and recataloged.


Archaeological excavation at the Presidio, San Francisco.  University of California, Berkeley.  Tasks include the excavation of units and the wetscreening of soil for artifacts.


Related Work


Computer Programmer. Released versions of Anthropomtron for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices. The app is continually updated with new features and equations.


Computer Scripter. Released Data Compare-o-Matic, a Visual Basic macro for Microsoft Excel that allows for the comparison of double-entered data.


Computer Programmer. Released a Javascript version of Anthropomotron, creating the program from scratch for mobile internet and adding notable stature estimation equations not in the previous version.


Computer Programmer. Created and publicly released a computer program (Anthropomotron 1.1) that expedites calculations used in forensic anthropology and bioarchaeology. Tasks included the research of these formulae, their implementation using the Xcode programming tool, and thorough testing for bugs. Anthropomotron was featured on a promotional CD of freeware and shareware programs bundled with the April 2005 issue of Macworld magazine.


President of the Anthropology Students Association, University of Missouri, Columbia.  Duties include the hosting of biweekly member meetings, and the organization of several annual and biannual events, including faculty talks, trash pickup on a local hiking trail and a bake/book sale.

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