Like the Mighty Phoenix!

Hi! Welcome to my new blog! This would be my third one. I closed the second one a few months ago in October because I just didn’t feel like writing about myself any more. After some time, I grew to miss writing, and I heard from some people that they wished I kept going. So I decided to start this blog at yet another of my web spaces, this time on my professional/comics site. I plan to talk about professional and comics stuff, with some game-related matter thrown in because that is all I do with my time (yeah right). There’s going to be a lot less about my personal life, but more about outside events that get my interest for whatever reason.

This site will look pretty bad for a while. I’m currently visiting my parents and I’m doing this on their G3 iBook instead of my Intel iMac. When I get Dreamweaver going on this machine I’ll start sprucing up the layout. Until then, enjoy the link to Google News on my sidebar.

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