So, Why Did I Have to Shower with a Bunch of Naked Boys?

That title got you attention huh? I was thinking back to my youth and how weird it was, even though I just took it as normal at the time. In junior high, after PE class, us boys had to get naked and line up for group showering. What the hell was that? Group showering was weird and icky. All of a sudden I’m forced to see my friends in the nude (since of course we had the same schedule and our lockers are next to each other). That’s creepy! Also weird is that our PE teachers were around to direct us masses of naked boys (thankfully, the PE teachers were clothed). They’re our teachers! It’d be weird for my history teacher to see me naked but somehow it’s ok for the PE teachers.

Talk about something at school that in no way pertains to life in general. In high school showers were optional and as you’d expect, no one took a shower anymore. So what was the deal with junior high? It’s not like we were extra stinky those years. And it’s not like walking barefoot on a moldy floor and getting sprayed with stinging water for twenty seconds would do a lot of good. Do schools still do this? Was my junior high just pervier than other schools? My mind reels.

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