Blizzards… Everywhere!

Columbia got covered in sheets of ice over the weekend, causing all kinds of hilarity… if inching along the sidewalk and then feeling that moment of terror as I slip was hilarious. School was supposed to start on Tuesday but it was canceled due to the icy conditions. Still, I braved the outdoors that day for something way more important than school: to get my hands on the Burning Crusade.

Walmart was out (I was there to get contacts) but Best Buy had lots and lots right by the door. I don’t know if I was trying to act cool or what, but I walked by the display and went around the store before returning to grab a copy and check out. The cashier tried to start a conversation about it, but she knew nothing about the game. She asked if I “had everything I needed to play.” My mind raced. Did she mean actual real life things like a computer, and a copy of World of Warcraft? Or did she mean in-game things like a level 60 character to take advantage of the new areas?

I answered with a ambiguous “Almost!” She then asked me about what Warcraft is exactly and what the goal is. By then I knew the context of the conversation so I was happier to keep talking.

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