Whatever Happened to Issue 3?

Believe it or not, issue 3 has been snowed out until now. The opening of issue 3 takes place at the Columbia Public Library. I wanted to get some good photo references but it’s been snowing and cloudy for most of the past two months. Today it was finally sunny and snow-free so I went out with my camera. I snapped a few pictures of the front and was walking up the front stairs when I got hassled by The Man. Apparently I can’t take pictures of the inside of the library.

There are several ways to handle the situation. Kristin, who I related this problem to already, would’ve snapped pictures of the interior anyway. I listen to The Man more and I put the camera away. Instead I got some blank paper and a library pencil and sketched what I wanted. Mission accomplished!

Next comes the actual drawing from the photos/sketches and all that. Since I couldn’t do the library stuff I’ve skipped ahead and worked on pages 4 and 5. The first five pages should all be posted together when it’s all done with.

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