Adventures in Supermarketry

Sunday was spent recovering from the trip to Chupacigarro/Caral, but we did have another adventure in the city as well.

I slept in and missed breakfast but agreed to meet the students at the Metro, one of the giant supermarket chains in Peru. At least, that’s what I thought we agreed on. Apparently they were waiting for me as I obliviously got ready to go and walked right by their doors. At the Metro I had a little lunch of a carne empanada (a stuffed bread) and a cup of chicha morada (purple corn drink). I bought a few supplies such as drawing pens and paper and walked back to the Villa Rica. When the students saw me with my bags from the Metro they were in various degrees of shock and dismay. To make it up to them I agreed to take everyone there. The students bought a small cake for later (which turned out to be not so good) and I bought a package of microwave pork rinds for kicks. The students ate at a food court that was built on the second floor above the Metro. They had stalls with various foods: Chinese, “Tuscon” (mostly things like baked chicken and fries), criollo (traditional Peruvian) and an espresso/dessert stand. Afterwards a few of us treated ourselves to ice cream. I had lúcuma (native fruit)/chocolate, which was very good.

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