You Almost Hit Me! Take Me to the Pizza Hut!

A little bit of non-linear storytelling here: before the homeless guy incident below, we had decided to get some American-style cuisine. Namely, KFC. I looked up the nearest KFC/Pizza Hut in Lima (they have double stores, like Hardee’s and Red Burrito). It’s on the way to the museum we work at so I’ve seen it before. We hailed a cab and I asked to go to the Pizza Hut, since I didn’t know how to say KFC in Spanish. While sitting in another tin box/cab I realized that I just turned into a customer in the game Crazy Taxi. In fact, being in a Peruvian cab is a lot like being in Crazy Taxi, except I have no control of the car. Being nerds, the students thought that comparison was funny.

Our nerdiness showed up again when we entered KFC. We found out that if we bought a kid’s meal (una Cajita Chicky) we would get a Mario Party 8 watch. Beckie, who has a Mario fetish, just stood there with her mouth hanging open for a while. We bought two kids’s meals since we couldn’t outright buy the watches (we asked). We did get to choose though. Beckie got a Yoshi watch and I got a Luigi one. It didn’t fit my wrist so I sold it to Crystal at a discount as it was her birthday.

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