Notes on Peru

  • Having negotiated the bus system, I found that the “random” words on the side of the buses do in fact describe their route. I thought one of the guides I had read said to not trust the writing. I have always been dropped off where I wanted to go if I read the side of the bus to make sure it lists my destination. It’s when I blindly hop on a bus that I get deposited ten blocks away in an unfamiliar neighborhood.
  • I was looking around at a pet shop when I saw two cockatiels trying to lift open the door of their cage, which was on a stand outside on the sidewalk. They were scarily close to success by working as a team. I had to put my finger on the door to keep it closed. If a third one joined them, they would surely have the cage wide open. I told the petshop owner in my bad spanish and she looked at me weirdly. I went back out to watch them. After a little bit the owner came out to see what was going on and caught the two birds in the act. She got out some wire to tie the door closed and thanked me for alerting her. Poor cockatiels!
  • I can really understand the spanish of some of my coworkers, and some I just don’t get. It has something to do with how much I’ve been speaking with them in the past two months, and also with whether they remember to slow down. I feel bad for the people I don’t quite understand because I’m sure it’s frustrating for them. After repeating what they wanted to say a few times, they pause and fire up their English mode. It’s kind of like we both gave up.
  • Working on skeletons, sometimes I feel bad for someone who’s bones are just covered in abnormal bone growth. Working with children’s bones is also sobering, especially when I get done with age indicators and realize that it’s a 3 year old laid out on my table.
  • Seeing a movie at the local theater on weekdays is 7 soles ($2.25) and another 7 soles for a popcorn and soda. Sweet!
  • When I wake up in the morning, after a few minutes there’s a few houseflies buzzing around my room. It’s like they woke up with me. They sleep in dark corners behind curtains and under furniture at night.
  • We saw a tiny brown husky puppy one day on the way to the Metro. I kneeled down to pet it and rub its neck. It was really happy and ran playfully into my leg and even put its paw in my outstretched hand. I got up to keep walking since I was blocking pedestrian traffic. The puppy ran after me and nipped at my leg again! It was so cute. The owners had to call it back.

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