Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

In lieu of actual updates, I added a few more links to the sidebar. I’ll tell you a little about each of them to entice you to go… elsewhere (?).

Wasii.com: This site’s sister site, which is kind of creepy because it belongs to my ex-girlfriend. She hasn’t updated since May, but if you leave taunting comments in her last post, she may do something about it.

Newsarama: It’s actually just comics news, which is a little odd considering the name. They seem to update often, and aren’t as appalling to look at as other comic news sites. I wish they had an RSS feed though. Going to a site is so 2002.

Comics 101: This used to be part of Kevin Smith’s moviepoopshoot.com (now Quick Stop Entertainment) but it broke away. The feature is a large series of articles written by Scott Tipton about the history of comics and comic characters. If I have to catch up on Iron Man before the comic comes out, without reading all of the comics, here is where I’d go.

Kotaku: A gaming blog which doubles as a news source. Their headlines and pictures are usually funnily appropriate.

Hardcore Gaming 101: I mentioned this site earlier here. Kind of a Comics 101 but for games, they also have articles on the lengthy history of franchises and characters.

Anthropology.net: A news blog about all matters anthropology. They seem to cover the four fields fairly evenly, with a slight lean towards human evolution.

Anthropology in the News: More of a news list than a blog. They show links to other sites with current anthropology news.

The last three sites are highly recommended for readers of all backgrounds. They aim to set straight common misconceptions about important scientific matters.

Race: This site is run by the American Anthropological Association and gives evidence that what a lot of people see as set, permanent races is actually one fleeting glimpse at variation that is always changing. Even scholars who should know better (say for example, a geneticst student who is a huge jerk and attacked a very minor point I made about the non-existence of race in a presentation I gave… oh my what a tangent, sorry!) get race wrong.

Understanding Evolution: This site is made by UC Berkeley (yay!) and teaches evolution. Many people, whether they subscribe to evolution via natural selection or not, don’t really understand the hows of it all. This is a great resource for learning it from the basics.

Bad Science: When I started this blog one of my goals was to talk about how the media almost inevitably misconstrues articles about science. That kind of fell by the wayside but I was very happy to find that someone already does it: Ben Goldacre, writing for the Guardian. For example he rightfully points out that the recent story on how all men are attracted to a certain hip/waist ratio and Jessica Alba’s mastery of it is based on no research at all. Read his updates as the group that started that a story defends themselves pretty much by acting like jerks. There are a lot of jerks in science and pseudoscience apparently.

I hope you have fun reading some of those sites. I have a few posts of my own coming up, including a tempting contest (not of the Seinfeldian kind).

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