Hero in A Half Shell

One morning started off ahead of schedule (point A on the map). I needed to go to the supermarket (B) to pick up a lunch for work so I woke up early. Maybe too early. I was half an hour early as I left Gerbes with a sandwich from the deli section. I got in my car, started my car, and looked behind me to back out. On the ground was an odd small object. It took me a second but I realized it was a real live turtle! I got out of my car and walked over to it. The parking lot of Gerbes didn’t seem like a great place for a turtle so I picked it up by the shell and took it to my car. I put it on the passenger seat next to my sandwich and thought for a minute. Where should I take this turtle? I decided the nearest park was the newly renovated Flat Branch Park (C) which is near downtown. So off I went! I put the turtle down on a rock near the stream that runs through the park. It looked up at me uncertainly as I watched it. I was running out of time so I went back to my car and made it to work (D) with two minutes to spare. So much for starting half and hour early!

Link to Google Maps.

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