Tales from Comic-Con, Day 1 (Thursday): Kind of Familiar

Much like my 2006 trip to Comic-Con, I started out by getting lost trying to find the Mission Valley trolley station. I got to the convention center a little late, just before noon. Unlike my last visit I decided to skip most of the panels. I go for information and that can be obtained from the internet from reporters and bloggers after-the-fact. Instead I spent my time in the exhibition hall photographing booths, many of which are in the same place as last time. There were some differences though: Udon Comics shrank considerably and got a section backed by the wall. Capcom grew and had a multi-tiered setup. Marvel actually had a recognizable booth instead of horning in on one of their subsidiaries.

Link to Flickr: Crowd at Comic-Con '08.
{The small press section is supposed to be one of the less-busy areas.}

Later I wound up in the game room playing Rock Band. There was a Smash Bros. tournament in the afternoon but it was a mess: people didn’t hear their name called, people kept sitting directly in front of the projector (didn’t they feel a circle of heat on their backs?). Then again running a convention program is no easy task, and the sponsor, sdtekken.com did a good handling the crowd. I sat next to a mom cheering her son and we conversed about how troublesome the crowd was while they sorted out what the next match was going to be. I also didn’t like the format of the tournament, though it is standard for Smash Bros. Why only have one on one matches on the flattest stage when the game features 4-player battles on over twenty unique stages? It got kind of boring after a while and I skipped a lot, coming back to see the end.

Link to Flickr: Predator statuette.
{A finely detailed Predator statue at the Sideshow Collectibles booth.}

Also, 100th post, woot.

1 thought on “Tales from Comic-Con, Day 1 (Thursday): Kind of Familiar

  1. Mark says:

    Hi there, glad to see you had a good time at Comic-Con.

    My name is MarkMan and I’m the head/webmaster of sdtekken.com ! We tried to keep the tournament fun, yet competitive… our competitive gaming communities in San Diego like to have things tournament standard so we went with the closest thing to it (we were short on time so went with single elim instead of double)…

    But you’re right, the crowd was CRAZY…

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