Facial Recognition, Not that Good Actually

I finally got the new iLife ’09 today. Well, I got it at the same time as the other preorderers, but I preordered it a while ago so there was some waiting involved. iPhoto was one of the programs to receive a big update. One of its new features is face recognition, where it attempts to find and categorize faces in my photo collection. It’s… well it tries really hard. But the results are sometimes hilarious:

{My mom = Wonder Woman}

{Ahem, her face is up there.}

{iPhoto just compared my advisor to a mummified trophy head.}

{Josh is a lot of things.}

Glasses really confuse iPhoto, and it likes to lump people with and without glasses into separate groups no matter what their face looks like. It also doesn’t register the most obvious faces as faces at all for some reason, like the second picture. Well at least the technology is good for a laugh. I may use the handy new Flickr posting feature to make set of misidentified faces.

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