… But Only 2 for 4 at the Customs Desk

Tomorrow is going to be action-packed. Or, just packed. I have to make another trip to the Migration Department because I didn’t get my Andean Migration Card from the customs guy at the airport last night. I’m starting to think they don’t like me over there because last time they didn’t give me a long-enough visa. It was chaos at the office last time so hopefully I’ll get what I want without much fuss.

Update: Mission complete! I woke up at 7, got there by 8 and found out they didn’t open until 8:30 -_-. They were very nice though and there weren’t many people in the various lines. After some waiting, and wondering if I’m waiting in the right place, I was handed my new migration card. I got back to the hospedaje at 10:30, way ahead of schedule.

Then, I switch gears: I’m going to a benefit concert by The Three Jacks, an Irish rock group. The money raised goes towards relief for survivors of the 2007 Pisco quake. How did I hear about this event? On the flight from Lima I sat next to their violinist ShaSha Zhang!

Luckily they sold tickets from a booth at the nearby Metro supermarket, where I went this afternoon to pick up on essentials like shampoo and a toothbrush. It was like one of those Spanish textbook situations that seem so unrealistic. Who buys tickets for a concert in a foreign language? Well, that chapter paid off, though there was a lot of blank staring followed by pointing on both sides of the booth.

On TV right now is VH1’s top 80’s one hit wonders. Der Kommissar is #51.

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