Liveblogging My Dissertation

I wanted to document my random thoughts as I work on my dissertation but didn’t want to swamp Twitter and Facebook with my inanity so I’m putting it here. This started around 10AM.

I wish I could curl up in a ball on the lap of someone writing their dissertation. What a life!

Reading about ancient Egypt. Very interesting! I want to go to the art museum in St. Louis even though museum pieces tend to be ill-gotten (ie. not archaeologically excavated).

1 Splenda in my coffee = hmm. 2 = oh my.

I declare a Wii Fit break!

Ah a nice jog in front of a TV screen.

I just turned almost a page on Egyptian dynastic succession into “and then stuff happened.” It would’ve been filler anyway.

With rainy weather it looks so dark outside and it’s not even 2PM.

Oh nuts now it’s thunderstorming. Should I turn off my computer or keep working? My laptop is at 5% power. 🙁

Still on obviously. IM from a friend: “i am a magnet for married, engaged, or committed men.” Me: “I’m nonferrous metal.” Many “awwws” were subsequently exchanged.

Gosh I passed out trying to summarize the Persian Empire in 100 words or less.

You know what would be nice? Tea.

It’s interesting how the formation of Old World empires have changed over time. The earliest empires started in several specific spots: the Fertile Crescent, and the Nile River Valley. Then, empires started taking over both of these places, like the Persians and the Greeks. A third shift happened and the land around the Mediterranean Sea became the hotspot for Roman/Byzantine empires. What is now India and China got it’s own smaller native empires later which effectively warded away the European/Middle Eastern ones. I’m sure there are technological and ecological reasons for these shifts that have been studied to death. But it was interesting seeing this in my own learning process.

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