Saturn Girls of 3 Worlds

In my third yearly trip to Comic-Con, I’ve distilled my experience into a few goals. Rather than collect the glorified advertising that is the freebie, I aimed to get something unique that I’d value: art! Given the endless possibilities of what I could ask for at Artists’ Alley I also narrowed down my request for simplicity’s sake. I’ll have my favorite Comic-Con artists draw Saturn Girl, from the Legion of Super-Heroes. Here are three that I got that Friday:

Link to Bigger: Saturn Girl by Coover.
{Colleen Coover draws great back-up stories for Marvel}
Link to Bigger: Saturn Girl by Baltazar.
{Art Baltazar draws Tiny Titans, and won an Eisner Award for it that night!}
Link to Bigger: Saturn Girl by Manapul.
{Francis Manapul used to draw Legion of Super-Heroes, and now draws Adventure Comics for DC.}

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