(Museum) Crawling in My Skin

Last week our fine University held a Art Gallery and Museum Crawl. The goal is to visit five locations around the campus and take in their exhibitions. Each place had a snack table and there will be a prize drawing for those who got their card stamped at every location. I was only familiar with two of the five, so off I went!

The State Historical Society had editorial cartoons from the 30’s on display. They also debuted a brand new exhibit on Missouri portraiture, featuring portraits of Mark Twain and Harry Truman. There was also a collage of portraits drawn by kids.

As an added bonus they had markers and colored pencils out for you to draw your own portrait. Here is what they had so far. Can you see the one I did (click to embiggen)?

Link to Bigger: Portrait wall.

Our own Museum of Anthropology was also one of the stops on the tour. I’ve spent many-a-hour in there so I mostly chatted with the staff. I talked with Candy, the Associate Museum Curator (and awesome person) and met some of the new people I missed getting to know as I worked in my cave/basement for the past few years. They’re a friendly bunch!

Here are more of my photos on Flickr:
IMG_1571IMG_1572IMG_1573IMG_1576IMG_1582IMG_1584IMG_1590IMG_1592IMG_1595IMG_1601Portrait Panorama

The Missourian has a short slideshow with photos from the Crawl.

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