I Am Not a Crook

Last night the power flickered just enough to reset some of the clocks and shut off my iMac. I was very well-saved so I just rebooted it back up. No problem! This morning I was motivated to get an early start on my dissertation. The most important task is to visit the Windows side where my statistical analysis program is, load up the results of data analysis, and carefully document in writing each test I did.

I booted up the Windows 7 side through VMWare, and… Windows alerts me that my copy is “not genuine” (i.e.. I’m a filthy pirate). Well I’m not! Past Microsoft’s dirty insinuations I believe the program that sniffs out pirates was corrupted and, finding internal errors, assumed that it had been hacked. Then it locked me out of the operating system.

I’ve spent the entire day (from 9AM to 4PM (curse you daylight saving time!)) trying to find some way to get a Windows 7 boot disc to start up my VMWare Windows partition. I bought Windows 7 through a digital download so I don’t have a boot disc in hand. I think Dustin and his computer(s) will help me, so until he comes back from work I have to do other things.

I’ve uploaded a few sketches to my DeviantART. Check them out here. These are mostly from 2001-2003 I think.

Flickr also has more vacation photos.

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