Mid-Missouri Comics Volume 1 is Here!

You (yes, you!) can now buy a copy of the Mid-Missouri Comics anthology at Rock Bottom Comics in Columbia! We’re very proud of how it came out.

Taken shamelessly from Midmococo.com

The book is a great sampler of local comic talent. There are a lot of genres represented, from comic strips to superheroes to indie makes-you-think style.

I have four short comics in the Anthology. Celestine is a space action “movie trailer.” Keeley’s Weakness is a short gag with the express purpose of introducing Keeley’s chipmunk hoodie. Ray of Sunshine is a story about Keeley’s other half (or other other half). Lastly, Joy was originally made for this book but made its first appearance in Vox Magazine online.

Many thanks go out to Josh Nichols for putting the book together and MU Bookstore’s Espresso Book Machine for printing it all nice and perfect-bound.

The book is $6 at Rock Bottom Comics. There are only five copies there so hop to it! (Ok, we can print more as demand dictates.)

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