New(ish) Comics Day!

The comics section of my site has been improved and I think it all works! Aside from the more modern layout that looks more like the blog than the old site, there are also new and newish comics that make their internet debut! Today I’d like to highlight Keeley: 24 Hour Comic Character Extraordinaire.

I did this in 2010 as part of the official 24 Hour Comics Day, the last one we had at what is now the Root Cellar in Columbia. The idea was for each hourly page to reflect an hour in a day of Keeley’s life. Starting at the start time of the event, I was supposed to keep pace and draw in that hour the same hour as in the comic. I actually went ahead of schedule and got around six hours ahead so I could take a nap at around 5:00AM in my car. Still, I got a full day’s worth of comics drawn and I think it is a neat story revolving around Keeley’s dual lives. Enjoy!

If you want more, you can poke around the comics section and look for the other new(ish) stuff that is now there.

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