Keeley: Comic Hero Extraordinaire #4 is Out!

Finally, Keeley: Comic Book Hero Extraordinaire issue 4 is out! When we last heard about it, I had sent it to my digital printer of choice, The copy I got was good, but I had to make a few adjustments to give it that extra sheen. Sending it back to the printers took longer than the first time around. Maybe it’s because convention season has started and Ka-Blam got busy? In any case I got a load of issue 4s in the mail yesterday and they look great.

Out of a little bit of new business model and a little so many things going on, the comic won’t be up on my website immediately. Also, some bonus features will never make it to the website: a “making of a page” from script to final page, and a letter column where Keeley answers reader submitted questions in character! (Many thanks to my Midmococo pals for submitting their hilarious questions.) For right now you can get a copy at IndyPlanet (and get the previous issues while you’re there!). There will also be a few copies for sale at Rock Bottom Comics later, when I get out of this snow.

Here’s an animated GIF I whipped up. Click on it to see the IndyPlanet page!


I’m up to my femoral head in Anthropomotron right now, but I have some great ideas for issues 5 and 6. Stay tuned!

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