Putting Together eFossils’ Life-Size Skeleton Printouts

While the classroom has an extensive collection of replica fossils, there was nothing that conveyed a sense of the full stature of our ancestors. I found some cool life-sized printouts at the eFossils site for Lucy, Nariokotome Boy, modern human skeletons. While the layouts are fantastic, the graphics have been… Read more“Putting Together eFossils’ Life-Size Skeleton Printouts”

Skeletal Voltron: An Activity to Teach Introductory Human Osteology

Possibly, Skeletal Voltron was the highlight of my summer class. I had thought of it back when I first heard that I could be teaching physical anthropology back in January, though it did not come to pass until the summer session. Dreaming up a new class activity. Codename: Skeletal Voltron —… Read more“Skeletal Voltron: An Activity to Teach Introductory Human Osteology”