AdSense (or Add Cents?)

I spent the morning placing Google AdSense ads around my site. Most of the hub pages now have a banner or two. Untouched are the professional pages and the individual comic pages. They look unobtrusive enough, though I have to admit that I’ve never clicked on one before on another site.

The ads are based on this very content. Right now, there’s a lot of ads about Dreamweaver, blogging, and Macs. Time to spice it up: cakes! Porche! Hungry Hungry Hippo! Ha, we’ll see if the ads change if only briefly.

The AdSense policy is a bit strange. Rule #1 is literally “do not talk about AdSense*.” They’re mostly concerned that I’d blab about how much I’m making from what advertisers. They also don’t allow me to ask people to click on them, which seems counterintuitive but very noble. Google: the same company that doesn’t want me to sell out but on the other hand, helps China squelch human rights. How far the pendulum swings.

*Rule 3 is if this is your first time in AdSense, you have to fight.

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