Go #54!

My advisor Robert Benfer made Discover Magazine‘s top 100 science discoveries of 2006! He is number 54 on the list, not a bad showing at all. Bob made the list for finding the oldest known site in the New World that was used for astronomical observations. These observations were important for Andean groups for planning their agricultural seasons. I unfortunately haven’t seen all of the cool alignments and stuff in person since I wasn’t there the field season when the discoveries were made.

Only two archaeological discoveries beat Bob’s Temple of the Fox on the list: a newly-discovered tomb in Egypt and the earliest evidence of writing in the New World. Omega-3 fatty acid-producing pigs was another MU development that made the list, at a surprising (?) #38. Alternative energy in general was the #1 story.

Bob’s Article from Discover Magazine
Article from the Columbia Missourian
My glorious advisor’s webpage with more information on the site.

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