Back to Peru

This summer I’ll be going back to Peru. Yay! It’s been in the planning stage for a while now but now it’s all coming together. My advisor Bob Benfer is holding two archaeological field schools this summer: on on bioarchaeology (one of my specialities) and archaeoastronomy. I can’t stay around for the archaeoastronomy field school since I have another thing to attend in San Diego at that time, but I’ll be co-teaching the one on bioarchaeology! It should be a lot of fun.

We’re so hardcore that we have our own field school website. It was made by my buddy Neil but I made some updates to promote this season. There’s some links to articles on the Buena Vista site and pictures of past seasons. Good times!

Yesterday I sent out emails congratulating the students who applied for the field schools. They all sent gushing emails saying how happy they are for this opportunity. It was unexpected and kind of sweet. It’s like they just got their name called on Price is Right or something. I remember when I had that much pep… around 1996 or so.

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