Soy! Soy!

A few months ago I invested some of my savings in the stock market. My portfolio is a whopping 5 shares in several different companies. I’d rather not divulge too much about my financial information on the internets but I’ll toss out a tidbit: one of my companies is Apple. Shocking, I know. Who knew I was a fan of Apple? The stock has been doing well recently with new Mac announcements, favorable financial reports, and the upcoming iPhone launch. Anyway it recently started actually turning a profit for me by surpassing the $10 commission fee I had to pay to buy it. Isn’t it weird how I have to pay a commission fee to buy and sell stocks unless if I have $25,000 in my account whereby the fee is waived? It takes money to save money I guess.

Why did I buy stocks? I wanted to retire early lol. I thought that now is as good a time as any to get started. I also figured that I could put my knowledge of statistics to good use. It seems to be a simple matter of studying trends and keeping an ear to the (wall)streets for changes. My stocks took a bit of a tumble soon after I bought them, but they all seem to be on the upswing now.

AAPL is on the rise!
{Apple stock in the past few months. Cha-ching!}

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