Bring Out the GIMP!

Adobe released their new Creative Suite, including programs that they ate when they bought out Macromedia. I was hoping that their price structure would make things a little cheaper. I guess I should read a basic economics book because if a company controls a certain niche, they can apparently charge whatever they want. Goodbye $100 Dreamweaver. It’s now $194. Educational versions cannot be upgraded and the price to buy them new is the same as a normal upgrade. Uh, thanks?

I’m not just here to complain though. The good news is that there are always cheap, even free, alternatives. Enter the replacement players! I’ve had GIMP on my computer out of curiosity but now I’m learning how to use it in earnest. A program called Rapidweaver claims to be a Dreamweaver replacement. I still need something to replace Illustrator. OmniGraffle is close, but not quite the same niche. Maybe there’s something else out there…

Me using GIMP
{I’m using GIMP to add shading to page 6, coming out soon!}

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