Uncle Owen, Space Anthropologist

My brother sent me this awesome book: The Making of Star Wars. It focuses solely on A New Hope, from Lucas’s first concepts to post-release and the making of the universe surrounding the movie for all of the promotional tie-ins. I found one thing the most interesting to read: first are his early notes on the story. They describe the journey of Mace Windy and his fight against the Empire which is supposed to reflect the Vietnam War. Wow did that get toned down! Also the heroes run into Owen Lars, an anthropologist in the field. It was only in later drafts that he was turned into Luke’s cranky uncle. It would’ve been nice if the kept an anthropologist in the movie. Maybe they can make a new movie around anthropology in Star Wars. Hmm…

Day 1: Jawas seem distrustful of me even though I am dressed as one of them. Perhaps I should trim my costume and walk on my knees.

Day 5: Lightbulb in left eye went out. Female Jawa thought I was winking at her. I think that one was female…

Day 15: Jawas tasked me to fix bad motivator in R5-D4. They say there are potential buyers in the next moisture farm. Not really sure what I’m doing.

Day 16: Possibly last entry. Stormtroopers everywhere. Research ruined.

It’s still better than the prequels.

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