DC comics is having a comics contest through their new Zuda Comics label: the prizes are various amounts of cash. Sign me up!

There are rules to follow: the comic for the contest is to be 8 pages of 800×600 pixels. The comic can’t be shown anyplace other than their site during the contest. Beyond that, anything goes.

I thought a bit about what story to tell with what characters. I decided that making something totally new would lower my chances of making a good comic: good stories take lots of time to work out the details. I settled on my favorite character at the moment: Keeley Walker and her superheroic storyline. The setting is a few issues beyond where I’m at right now. It’s kind of like fast forwarding the action a little to get to some cooler stuff I’ve had in mind.

I had to think a lot about what specifically will occur in the comic. 8 pages isn’t a lot for introducing the character, having something interesting happen, and providing some type of closure. I wrote out the first draft of the script, and now it’s time to work on that some more and sketch out the thumbnails. Progress updates later, I hope. Wish me luck!

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