I’d Like My Comics With Jam, Please

24 Hour Comics is an international event where cartoonists draw one page an hour for 24 straight hours. It’s grueling, but sounds like a lot of fun! Last year I suddenly thought about doing it a week after the official day so I was bummed. This year I was all over it. The local comics group, Midmococo (that’s mid-moe-koh-koh). They always seemed like a cool bunch of people but I’ve never been to a meeting on account of me being a loner. Their mailing list announced that their next meeting was going to discuss the upcoming 24 Hour Comics Day, so it was a good excuse for me to finally show up. I was a little worried because at their last meeting they had a comic jam, where each participant would draw a panel in an impromptu comic.

I showed up and everybody was very nice. A student reporter from the university was there with a videocamera to document the meeting for her project. I sometimes glanced unconsciously at the camera like I was on The Office or something.

At the end of the meeting, we had almost “forgot” (I remembered but didn’t say anything, heh) about the comic jam, but it was brought up as a great visual for the journalism student to record. I was a bit nervous drawing on demand but I had fun with my section. You can see the jam at midmococo.com. My panel is the 4th one. I was really hungry when I was thinking of what to do.

24 Hour Comics Day is October 20th. Stop by with food and drinks! Especially the 2-6AM shift lol.

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