This Year is Warmer Than the Last (A True C!G!A! Update)

Today was unseasonably warm when I stepped outside to attend to the chickens. The cats all ran out and had a good time. I did not really partake in the outdoor activities though and went back to my basement den.

In said hideaway I’ve been getting more things done. I’ve been coloring the next few pages of Keeley’s comic. The settings are far less complex so it shouldn’t take me a month like the 9th street adventure I just posted. The pages I’m working on now set up the second half of the issue, which is another exploration of Keeley’s social life.

Sometimes I emerge to the surface world, where my Wii is. I bought Super Mario Galaxy for myself for Christmas. I’ve heard good things about it, but I really did not like Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Sunshine. I was very pleasantly surprised by Galaxy. The levels are all very creative and it really pulls me into the world(s). Playing Mario on an upside down world or running along the surface of a sphere was a lot easier than I had imagined though sometimes I take a long jump out of sight and into a black hole.

This time I am not doing any more work that what is required of me at the step I’m on. I was bitten last project when I went ahead of myself and did a big chunk of research before the concept was accepted. The step I’m on is just a mini-proposal, around 2 to three pages. It’s the hardest 2 to 3 pages I’ve ever written, but dammit, when I’m done it will be the best 2 to 3 page essay ever.

Distressingly enough I was alerted by Kristin to the fact that yesterday was already Saturday. For some reason I had lived my life yesterday thinking it was Thursday. I did find it weird that some websites I visited mysteriously had their weekly posts done, but I did not think much of it. Losing two days in my mind means I’ve made less progress than I had thought. On the bright side, since the weekend snuck up on me, I can take a break.

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