Here’s a Stupid Idea: Earth Hour

I usually don’t take a stand in this blog for professional reasons but I’ll make an exception for Earth Hour. Who’s stupid idea is this?*

Change doesn’t happen by suggesting people do something different for an hour.** You fix the world through improving education, and following that by having world-minded people in positions of power: corporations, universities, world government. It’ll take decades, but the results will be glorious. Publicity stunts like Earth Hour do absolutely nothing for anybody or anything. It makes the whole concept of environmentalism look like a fad that will go away if you wait long enough.

So what am I doing from 8 to 9PM this fine Saturday night? I’ll be working on my computer, posting this blog entry.

*Oh my, I knew something stank. Earth Hour was created by the World Wildlife Fund. I have prepared rant for how idiotic they are, centered around their use of funds for the frivolous bullying of the World Wrestling Federation. I’m sure many pandas were saved by that campaign.

**Indeed, I believe that programs geared toward promoting green living to the individual consumer is a horrible waste of time and money. Convincing one director of a major corporation to “go green” will have more of an effect on the environment than convincing a million ordinary people.

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