I Can Haz Productive Role in Society?

It’s now confirmed that I won’t be going to Peru this summer. It looks really good for next summer though; the universities involved seem enthused but we just couldn’t get the logistics set in stone in time. In the meantime I evaluated what I was doing day to day. The comics, games, and anthropology routine is nice, but none of them pay the bills, at least not at this time. Being at home most of the time, now mostly alone nowadays, was also starting to get to me. I had played with the idea of getting a job before, but with Peru plans in flux I decided to go for it.

I’ll be honest and say I’m a snob about what I want to do. Secretarial work is pretty much out; I don’t even want to answer my own phone, as my friends know. I want a job that’s out of the ordinary, I suppose. There was an open position for someone to milk cattle at the MU dairy farm. I was around 73% serious about checking that one out, just for the hilarity. I didn’t want to take the place of someone who would actually want to do that for the job experience so in the end I didn’t apply. I almost applied for a job taking care of lab animals. I totally would’ve if I didn’t find another job….

…which I can’t really tell you about because I signed some confidentiality agreements. All I can say is that I grade exams. It’s kind of cool being caught up in secret stuff, but it’s not very conducive for blogging. So far it’s been a great experience, and I’ve met a bunch of cool people from many backgrounds. Getting paid for doing something that has an effect on society is more rewarding than I had expected. Since I’m late to the employment party I guess you all know the feeling by now, but I’m going to enjoy it’s warm glow while it lasts.

By the way I got my job through MU’s temp agency, called SOS. Which means that I’m part of the SOS Brigade and will have to learn their dance:

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