Spring Cleaning Around the Home(page)

One of this weekend’s goals was to clean up around the house. I vacuumed the downstairs area and wiped down the fixtures in my bathroom but then I got distracted and started working on my website. It’s tangentially related I guess. I fixed some of the alignments so things look a bit more orderly. I shrank the margins between the sidebar and blog (while widening the sidebar). The long list of archives is now in a menu. I can’t believe this blog started in 2006. I uploaded a few flickr photos and the flickr sidebar is now mashed up against the links bar. That was unintentional but I’ll see if I like it. The random box of minibanners is now wider to match the rest of the page. Next up is the professional page. I’m adding a sidebar with a table of contents so one can zip to their favorite section of my CV. And after that, the comics page will get a makeover as well. Top of that list is to remove the PayPal buy buttons. That experiment has officially failed.

1 thought on “Spring Cleaning Around the Home(page)

  1. Keith says:

    Done, and done. I even restored the sun-and-clouds theme. Which is ironic since recently I’ve felt pretty down.

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