Declassified Story from Work and Other Notes

  • I was in the breakroom and saw that someone had left some Diet Pepsis up for grabs. I desperately needed the caffeine so I took one. It tasted awful! Thinking quick, I grabbed a packet of sugar from the coffee bar and poured its contents into my soda. “Success!” I thought as I tipped it towards my mouth. It erupted into a growing mass of brown foam which went all over the counter. I turned and saw a few coworkers as they just entered the room to see me make a mess.
  • Netflix finally sent me Justice League: The New Frontier. My brief review: it’s incredible. I totally have to buy the DVD for my collection.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii is also incredible. Pretty much an encyclopedia of all things Nintendo disguised as a fighting game. I’m especially pleased by the super old-school Mr. Game & Watch, based on the silhouetted star of various primitive LCD handheld games from the early 80’s. My brother and I used to play one in particular a lot, Octopus. Lo and behold, Mr. Game & Watch transforms into the titular creature for his final smash move. Ahhhh the nostalgia. Now if only I had some Brawl friends to play with…
The Octopus is back!


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