It’s hard to imagine that in less than twenty four hours I’ll once again be jetting off to San Diego to visit the family. Here are updates on recent goings on before the San Diego/Comic-Con stuff fills the blog.

  • Over the weekend I did Rock Band’s endless setlist on hard. I was both guitar and vocals. Endless setlist is where you play all 58 songs in a row. Luckily the game can be paused! I started around 7PM and belted out the finale, Won’t Get Fooled Again, at around 1AM. Everything was hurting by then, my fingers from guitar, my torso and throat from singing, and my feet from standing the whole time. It was totally worth it though, and now I have gold icons representing me when I go online, lol.
  • Speaking of Rock Band, lots of Rock Band 2 news came out today, including the new setlist of 80 songs (not looking forward to endless setlist in this one!). The game sounds amazing and it’s only two months away.
  • I thought I would get more reading done if I did it at Stephens Lake Park. Unfortunately I brought my camera and spent much of the time taking pictures of animals at pond-side. Link to Flickr.
  • What I attempted to read (and later finished) was textbook on evolutionary psychology. I’ve been taught the basics before but it didn’t take hold. In fact, I was very opposed to the concept because it seemed so deterministic. Now, maybe with a more open mind, I totally get evolutionary psychology and I see it everywhere.
  • In preparation for Comic-Con I had a few copies of Keeley’s comic issue 2 printed. Hae Eun from Planet Tokki was kind enough to let me attempt to sell them at her table. One tidbit: the night scenes were so dark that the toner used caused paper jams at the university printers!

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