A Cat, A Plan, A Collar: Camera

Science toys! I like science toys. I had an ant farm when I was younger. It’s still in my parent’s garage and it still has the tunnel system the ants made. And their little corpses. But anyway, the National Geographic company makes science toys, including gems like the remote controlled snake, and a portable microscope, but what I had my eye on was the pet camera. $50 is a bit steep, and Target had it for $40 so I had to bide my time. It went on clearance two weeks ago and I snapped it up for $20!

This gadget is actually pretty sophisticated. It holds 40 640 x 480 pictures, and can take them from every 15, 5, or 1 minute. It charges like an iPod, by connecting with a USB cable to a computer. It is also supposed to be “water resistant” but I’m hesitant to put that to the test.

Mister cat was the first test subject for this pet cam. He doesn’t like collars, and usually wiggles out of it after a few hours, so he could only take pictures inside the house. I put it on him after breakfast and let him do his thing while I slept some more.

{Mister relaxes in a sunny spot}
I tried the camera on Luca next and let her outside. The results are hilarious… to me anyway. Here are views of my house from the neighbor’s house:

There are also views from under the porch steps:

… and under my car:

Next time, some of Luca’s artsier shots!

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