My brother got me a Wacom tablet as a gift a few years ago but after a few attempts at using it I put it aside. It didn’t work well with my usual style which aims more towards precision which was hard to accomplish with the tablet. I decided to give it another shot, strangely because of the Facebook Graffiti app which has more of a painterly feel to it. I took the Wacom to the past Midmococo meeting for a public test run. After some exploratory doodles it suddenly clicked with me. I could at least make something that I am not ashamed of. I drew this:

Link to DeviantART: SF4 Keeley.
{My first presentable Wacom-drawn piece. Click to see the full image at DeviantART!}

The drawing is kind of inspired by the brushwork art style of Street Fighter IV, which is a fantastic fighting game.

Also this is the first time I’ve used Pixelmator. I’ve heard good things about this graphics program but didn’t want to spend money to buy it. It turns out I already bought it as part of a MacHeist bundle deal! It’s a very good program, and the website is also very informative.

I’m using the Wacom/Pixelmator combo again to work on a comic I wrote two years ago. It may show up in the upcoming Mid-Missouri Comics Anthology 2009!

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