All Cylinders

Lately I have been having very fulfilling days where I do a variety of things, each a little at a time. For example, today I:

  • Did some statistical analysis for my dissertation (usually I don’t do this on the weekend but I had a nagging question I wanted answered)
  • I worked a little on my third contribution to the upcoming comics anthology (a 3 page story titled “Ray of Sunshine”)
  • I did some yoga early in the morning
  • I packed the majority of my papers and books from my basement room
  • I went to Target to pick up tools to learn yet another new skill (it’s something I should’ve learned a long time ago)
  • I played around with Kristin’s guitar (I won’t have it when I move!)
  • And I browsed books on yoga, guitarring, comics, and Macs for a while at Barnes & Noble
  • I even took a nap today!

I hope many more days like this are to come. Have a good Sunday everybody!

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