Photos of Summer 2009 (Part 2)

Last Saturday a few friends and I went to Cooper’s Landing (you may have to scroll around), a store/campground/happenin’ place on the Missouri River, around a half hour from Columbia. There was an Eco Art Fest there, with booths and live music. You know how I can’t resist these things.

I got there first in the evening. I sat down in front of the music stage. A good place to watch for the others, I thought. A white erase board next to the stage advertised a raffle, around 15 minutes away. Soon enough, a woman was walking around selling tickets. I bought a few, since it was a good cause and I do have an interest in probability. I saw one of my friends, Mo, approaching. I got up to greet her and her friend. At that moment they held the raffle drawing on the stage.

And they called my name!

I won a sunset trip for two on the Missouri River! Just twenty minutes after I got there and minutes after I found Mo, we were putting on life jackets, getting ready to board a boat with the other winners. The boat ride was incredible. It wasn’t a short little spin around the river, we were out there for forty-five minutes! The photo opportunities were great and many.


As we pulled into Cooper’s Landing we saw our other friends waiting for us. We had delicious Thai food, took a walk on the Katy Trail in total darkness, and generally had a blast.

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