Busy Bee

This coming week will be a wild one! On Monday our department will be hosting a visit by a job candidate. That means another round of attending talks and receptions and general hanging out with my peers. I admit I had my reservations about doing all this again, but I have been enjoying the experience… even last Friday when I was nudged into an ASA meeting as I tried to get to the department restroom!

This week my dissertation work will focus on the discussion section. Last week I ran data analyses comparing my work with those of other PhD candidates before me who have also researched Inca skeletal collections. The results are very enlightening and adds a whole new dimension to my own work. The goal now is to finish writing it up so people will know exactly what my study contributes to the whole.

On Tuesday, some more White Stripes songs are hitting Rock Band. Namely, their most famous ones: Seven Nation Army and Fell in Love with a Girl. As I was telling my roomate, I’m not too keen on listening to the White Stripes as music, but as game levels they’re pretty nifty.

I have a good feeling about Thursday. I just do!

After that, well I had hoped that my friend Mo and her new business would not get mixed up with the wrong crowd, but she fallen in will the St. Louis Craft Mafia. The scary thing is that they are so organized and powerful, they can have an even in broad daylight in St. Louis: the Indie Craft Revolution! It’s this Saturday and Sunday and I’ll probably make it for one of them to lend my usual support. And see the zoo. And Star Clipper. And get delicious food. And…

I just have to wait for the inexorable march of linear time to get all of this rolling. Come on!

2 thoughts on “Busy Bee

  1. Mo says:

    Yeah, watch your back, dude. The Craft Mafia doesn’t f%#k around. Any lip service and you’ll be crocheted into a decorative tea cozy before you can blink.

  2. CaLynn says:

    hi! im happy i can finally comment! yay for wordpress! 😀

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