Small Joys

One of my favorite part of dissertation writing is going through the articles I’ve collected and finding little tidbits relevant to my own work. In the past twenty minutes I’ve found something interesting from a review of Inca child sacrifice (they sacrificed the children of elites, probably to cement political ties to the Inca and show how devoted they were to the Inca religion), an archaeological report on the giant prehistoric city of Chan Chan (no relation), and a guide to the uses of log-linear modeling for data analysis. Now: camelid pastoralism and the Titicaca Basin. I just learned a new word: “transhumance:” the seasonal movement of people and their livestock!

1 thought on “Small Joys

  1. Mo says:

    I love that there was a city called Chan Chan. Maybe Keeley needs to go on an archaeological field trip. 😉 I’m also on a mission to drop transhumance into everyday conversation somehow…

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