Anthropology on TV

This week, two shows have used anthropology as plot points. By chance these shows are the only two that I watch regularly. On the season premiere of Community, the students enroll in an anthropology course, taught by a character played by Betty White. You can watch the full episode on Hulu. Mental note: when I teach a class I need to be sipping a drink out of a tropical cup with a little umbrella.

Warehouse 13, about a group of government agents who track down artifacts with special powers, has an especially archaeology-related episode. This one is especially close to me since it starts with archaeology students working in Peru who abscond to Egypt. (And I thought my students were bad (just kidding, you’re all awesome)). There is also a riff on Tomb Raider. Hulu also has the entire episode, for now. By the way, the ending puzzle totally wouldn’t have worked because… that would be telling.

Oh, Bones also has anthropological content. But Bones is always about anthropology. Bone Girl has a review of the season opener and its inaccuracies.

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