24 Hour Comics 2010

The 24 Hour Comics Day we had three weeks ago was a big success!

My comic was a Keeley comic, appropriately called Keeley: 24 Hour Comic Character Extraordinaire. The gimmick was that each page reflected something that took place in an hour of Keeley’s day. Following the 24 Hour Comic event, the first page takes place at noon, and continues on to the end of the event the following noon (well technically 11:00-11:59AM). I actually kind of cheated and went ahead of schedule so I could save up a full hour or so to eat dinner or take a break. I also drew in a mini-comic format, each page of the comic was a quarter of a sheet of paper, to keep me from falling behind, especially in the ending hours.

You can read Keeley: 24 Hour Comic Character Extraordinaire on DeviantArt.

Here are some photos of the event, taken by JB Winter and myself.

These are videos that Winter took with my camera during the event!

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