Driving on I-70 in Missouri: A Guide

For the Southern Californian, I-70 may be a bit intimidating. Unlike the six lanes of freedom one is used to in San Diego, in Missouri you get three lanes if you’re lucky. Most of the time you’ll be making due with 2 lanes. But if you follow these tips, you shouldn’t have any problems!

Most drivers on I-70 follow a relatively strict sequence of actions that are taught in California but rarely practiced:
1. Pass on the left. Only on the right in the most desperate case.
2. Let people pass by moving to the right.
3. When you see cars entering the highway, move left to avoid them.

These rules can handle any normal situation you’d see on I-70. Here are a few of my secret tips:
1. If you’re trying to pass but someone is blocking you on the left (obviously new to I-70!) and someone is on your own tail as a result, move right and let the two annoying vehicles take each other out!
2. If a truck coming from the opposite direction flashes their lights, it means there is a speed trap nearby.
3. The speed limit is between 60 and 70. You can safely go +8mph or so without attracting attention. However, many people stick closer to the limit.
4. Sometimes are are off-ramps on the left side instead of the right. Notably, going back to the KC airport.
5. Don’t be afraid of semi trucks! I very rarely have problems with them almost crushing me. It’s annoying when one takes forever trying to pass another though.
6. Most likely you’ll follow a rhythm of cruising on the right until you approach a truck, passing it on the left, and moving back to the right to cruise some more.

Good luck and have fun!

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