Minneapolis Trip Photos

Two weeks after the trip to Sacramento I left Columbia again to go the AAPA meeting in Minneapolis. The weather took a turn for the colder so the pictures are less vibrant and plentiful. Still, I got some great photos and the trip was absolutely fantastic.

The first set has photos of the Minneapolis skyline as we drove from our hotel to the convention center. Speaking of our hotel, it was a Best Western in St. Paul that was a converted train station! I have no photos of the hotel since we were always in a hurry in the morning and too exhausted at night, but you can see some bad shots of it at the official site.



This set is from our trip to the Mall of America. We saw that an Ikea was right next to the mall so we went there first. By chance, that night they were having a special Swedish Easter buffet, which meant that their usual dishes were not all you can eat. I had a crazy amount of smoked salmon, as well as meatballs, herring, and anchovy casserole. The Mall of America was pretty cool. We got there too late to see the aquarium but we walked around checking out the stores and the amusement park in the center. If we weren’t full of Swedish food we would’ve gone on the rides! We also saw the Apple and Lego stores and made mean faces at the Microsoft store.


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