Whale Watching Photos

One of the highlights of the Alaskan cruise I took with my family was the whale watching tour in Juneau. Our boat was very uncrowded so everyone could get a good look at the same time. As we left Juneau we cruised for a while without seeing anything but birds.


The first sea mammals we saw were sea lions. There was a large group on some rocks and several others swimming nearby.

We found three humpback whales, two adults and a calf, swimming together. The calf was swimming upside-down, waving its flippers around. I also saw the calf breach (leap out of the water and fall back in), but it was so random and fast that I couldn’t get a photo.

A pod of orcas swam alongside our boat until we reached the limit of our tour’s range. We headed back to Juneau and ran into several more humpback whales on the way.

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