Glacier Photos!

The Alaskan cruise photos continue with the many (receding) glaciers we saw! The first one we saw was the Mendenhall Glacier, which we visited after the whale watching tour.


Our next port of call was Skagway. My brother and I went on the hiking trail to Lower Dewey Lake.

Back on water, we headed north where there were more glaciers to be seen.

There was a lot of sea life, including one of my favorites, the sea otter.

Musician Ashlee Rose performed nightly in one of the lounges on the ship. She had a huge repertoire of songs and was very enthusiastic about music performing. She also told many stories about her travels from Texas to Alaska, and her obsession with train whistles.

The ship went through the College Fjord, named because the Euroamerican explorers who mapped it named each glacier after a prestigious university (minus Princeton, which they purposely snubbed).

Lastly, here are the panoramic photos I took of the glaciers. They should really be appreciated in Flickr, which you can access by clicking each image below.

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