Tip #6: Welcome to the Global Community

I consider myself internet-savvy, but it took me a long time to discover websites aimed at helping grad students and other academics in their careers and daily lives. Here are what I consider the three most useful sites, so maybe you’d get a head start on tapping these resources.

I actually found this site after starting my own tips series. The posts there are extremely valuable for grad students and benefits from having many opinions on an issue instead of just one. Start with their recent posts (which range from “Grad School Extracurriculars” (an interesting take on my own Tip #1)to “Writing my Dissertation”).

Chronicle of Higher Education
My advisor was the first person to tell me about the Chronicle of Higher Education when they were predominantly a print publication. Over my years as a graduate student, I have seen their website grow tremendously as a resource for the grad student or budding educator. Some sections are for paying subscribers but there is plenty of free content to browse. There are helpful articles for every aspect of handling a career in academia, from being a student, to teaching students.

Basically Facebook for academics. This is a great place to find people who share your interests. You can follow other scholars, their papers, and journals. I think this site is a great place for the more timid to reach out and network without the gravitas of sending an email or talking at a conference. If you’re uncomfortable adding professionals to your Facebook friends, definitely use Academia.edu as a alternate way to keep contact with other scholars.

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