An Atypical Work Day

While my coworkers have taken today off to start their Christmas weekend plans, my vacation doesn’t start until tomorrow. Therefore, I’m the only person on the third floor of the School of Nursing today! I’ll be liveblogging my work day as I’m sure it’ll be very exciting.

As I came into the building I found that the stairwell door to the third floor was locked. I went back to the second floor and got in the elevator instead. The elevator took me to my floor and I noticed that the door from the medical school was open. So why lock the stairwell door? Oh well. I’m just glad I could get to my office.

I panicked when I couldn’t get into the fourth floor coffee room but I found coffee in the second floor copy room. I’m also going full speakers today. No earbuds for me!

I found one article that references another article we could use, that references another three articles. This is getting complicated. A little while ago, someone who works on this floor walked by but I haven’t seen her since. Someone from the second floor was here as well.

I saw someone I didn’t know in the student lounge. She was watching the same slideshow that has been on the TV there since I started this job. I’m afraid that if I describe this person to one of my coworkers, they’ll say “Why that person died five years ago!”

Let’s see what the cafeteria has for lunch!

Their special was ham so I just got the usual pre-fab hamburger, onion rings, and a soup. Their soup was a super thick wild rice and chicken stew. I forgot to get a spoon so I ate it with a plastic knife I found in the lounge.

As it turned out, the rest of the work day was uneventful. I got a lot done, took a few walks around the deserted floor, and left for home, ready for my flight to San Diego!

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